Meet our therapist

Judi Gurd-Chapman Director Clinical Hypnotherapist/NLP Psychotherapist

Phone: 02 9970 8880


Judi says “Clinical Hypnotherapy allows for a very different experience where the part of the mind that holds your patterns and habits, runs all the systems of your body and which can be changed is given suggestions at a very deep level to transform into a behaviour that is productive, confident and with an attitude of can do”.

Judi helps clients from all areas of life with release of emotional turmoil and letting go of the past issues and events. Also IVF stress, unexplained infertility, anxiety and lack of confidence in self or stuck in a disbelieving place.


Judi Gurd-Chapman Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Dip.Clin), Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Dip.Clin NLP), Mentor. Judi is a Complementary Health Care Director who has the experience, knowledge and results that will help you move forward to your goals and future outcomes


Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy