Therapy rooms for rent

Therapy rooms for rent

Each room features gorgeous comfortable long lounges for your clients, floor lamps and light dimmers to enhance and create a soft beautiful cosy room ambiance, sound proofing, lockable treatment rooms and air-conditioning. Every aspect of the design and fit-out has been thoroughly thought through with your clients comfort in mind.

The Mountain Room – Inspiring Greatness

"The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be" Horace Bushness

The Mountain room is a large room suitable for families and/or group therapy. With a sense of vastness, this room will inspire great achievements from your clients. With a beautiful image of Mount Everest, the room has a large couch, blankets, comfortable climate and sound proofing. There are soft ambient lamps and dimmer switch lighting. Your desk is spacious and practical. The room has a large cupboard and filing cabinet, with an in cupboard wireless printer, free for your use with wireless internet. This room is a magnificent room design, easy use for all areas of Therapy.

The Outback Room – Inspiring Freedom of Movement

"Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions" The Dali Lama

The dimming lights in this room contribute to a sense of calm, warmth and peace. The room is carpeted in a rich, durable deep blue carpet. One wall is soundproof glass with soft coloured blinds, so you can see out and get a feeling of more space. Sound proofing on the three other walls helps to keep a peaceful atmosphere. Your clients will feel a sense of trust and safety.

The Forest Room – Inspiring Tranquillity

"The life of man in every part has need of harmony and rhythm" Plato

The Forest room has a large beautiful image of the inner sanctum of a forest; an image which commands reflection and tranquillity. In this room your clients will feel comfortable and free to open up and let you in, a perfect environment to create change. This room has a comfortable four seat lounge (great for a client lying down), wireless internet, blanket, and a comfortable climate and sound proofing. The room supports a long built in cupboard against one wall which has great shelf space and a portable white board for your use. A shabby chic table stands at one end for tissues, clock and drinks. The longest wall is soundproof glass with soft coloured blind coverings. Listen to the small water feature in this peaceful environment while you work your magic with your client.

The Ocean Room – Inspiring Power

"It’s your thinking that decides whether you’re going to succeed or fail" Henry Ford

The Ocean room is a smaller room with a beautiful silver wall, a colour which radiates serenity. A large window looks out onto the vista of Mona Vale and all its greenery, while to the right you see Long Reef Point and the ocean.

For the comfort of Therapists there is an antique single blue arm chair and for clients a very large recliner chair to sink into, as they relax for Therapy.

This room is great for intimate, personal consultations with your clients. A more cosy space, this room still has wireless internet, a blanket, a comfortable climate and sound proofing. Your white spacious desk is matched with a white high quality ergonomic chair for practical use. All therapists using this room find it gives a feeling of outdoor while being indoors, absolutely needed when consulting for many hours.

All Therapists and clients have access to filtered water and a comfortable waiting area with business cards, brochures and Health magazines.

Each room promises a warm, peaceful, nurturing, and supportive environment, wrapped in an atmosphere of comfort and tranquillity creating versatile intimate spaces, enabling your clients to really unwind, let go and start healing. Our beautiful rooms are spacious, stylish and versatile. Rooms that can really help bring you success through your healing.

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